How to Display P.O. Vendor Reference in Inventory Transaction Overview

How to display P.O. Vendor Reference in Item Transaction if the Reference column is “Purchase Order”?

Here’s my code I put in the main method of “InventTrans Form”. However when I execute this in the Overview Grid it gave me all duplicates in one reference only.

display VendRef vendorRef()


return PurchTable::find(InventTrans.TransRefId).VendorRef;


As you can see above table, Vendor Reference is Repeating with the same number. I need to display Vendor Reference according to the Purchase Order no. Anyone has an idea on this matter? Thanks.

You need to post it in the related forums. This is related to AX, so need to be posted in related forums to get proper response.

The method need to be either added to the form data source or to the table.

If it is added to the form data source, it need to have a table buffer as a parameter.

Display methods

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