How to display multiple transactions in a report?

Hi all,

I have created a new report with only one data source, but while opening the report, it displays only one i.e. the first transaction whereas i want to display many more transactions may be in hundreds so how can I achieve this.

Do I require to build a query for tht. Please explain the whole process in detail as to how the report is opening and how the data is being fetched and displayed in reports and also what I should do to achieve this.


first you have to create a query based on requirment .

for example if u want to show customer transaction then drag CustTable to query datasource node and then drag CustTrans table to CustTable data ssource node then go to data source properties and set Relation property to yes it will create automatic relation . this query displaying all the customer transaction ,

Hi Karn,

where is ur transactions Table? check that whether ur using Transactions table or not.



Hi Valeru,

My table name is TaxTrans_IN and I m fetching most of the data from this table and nearly three fields data i m fetching from VendTable table, but it is displaying only one transaction for tht report. Please provide solution for tht.

Hi Karn,

if ur using TaxTrans_In as ur datasource table, just have a look in LEDGERJOURNAL report.

if not , write … while select TaxTrans_IN where …