How to Display Flow Field Data in Navision to SSRS reports

Hi Everybody,

I am Using Nav2009 R2 6.0,

Sql Server 2008 Reporting Service.

Can you please give me detailed information for,how to get flow field(Tabke data in Navision…like Balance(LCY) From customer table) data to ssrs reports.flow field data not showing in sql reporting service.if it have any alternate method for this or any process,please leave your reply…i hopefully waiting for your replies…

As you may have noticed FlowFields does not exist as fields in the underlying SQL table.

There are many options how to solve this, depending on your needs. If you gather your report data by means of TSQL script or StoredProcedure, mimicrize the flowfields with a subselect - look at FlowField definition in TableDesigner, it is practically ready SQL script there, minor changes are needed for it to comply with TSQL syntax.

Alternatively, you may create a View, based on table in question, and add missing FlowFields the same way - using SELECT statement.

Then, this can be achieved from SSRS, too.

If you use SSRS, I presume you are familiar with TSQL scripting - if not, then this forum post simply has not space enough to give detailed instructions…