How to display columnwise in AXgroup?


I need to display record in column wise in AX group or some other features except AXGridview in Enterprise portal. is it possible to achieve?

Because in row wise it going more than 20 pages like one row in each page. so by column wise only i need to achieve this.

(Eg: Now in axgroup

how is your job

satisfy/not staisfy(radiobuttonlist)

it should be

(1. How is your job satisfy/not staisfy(radiobuttonlist)


3… so on)

Please reply ASAP. Am new to EP.

Thanks in advance


i made it display in AXgridview. because that is the only possible i feel…

Now my doubt is how to insert the AXgridview record from EP to dataset

If any one knows pls reply

Thanks in advance.

Please provide some useful Enterprise portal link like how to insert a data in EP to AOT table.