How to Discern Which NAV Database Tables and Fields to use for Reports

I have been assigned the task of creating reports of NAV data via a third party tool which uses ODBC (read only) to connect to the NAV database tables.
I do not have access to the NAV system, other than via ODBC. I am currently trying to obtain authorization to use the NAV screens to help me understand where the data is located in the NAV database.
Is there some sort of “utility” or NAV screen that would enable me to see NAV table names and field names?
My current method is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Thanks for your help.

As David said in your “Released” post - it’s going to be hard if you can’t or never even seen NAV.

You try the test drive if it helps you get to understand Nav:


Item Table->Item
Customer Table->Customers
Vendor Table->Vendors
Customer Ledger Entries → You can get customer sales/Credit/Payment info
Vendor Ledger Entries → You can get venodr purchase/Credit/Payment info.

Are you looking for anything In particular?

In Sales Line you have that information on field “Quantity Shipped” - Compare with field “Quantity” and you know if a line was shipped or not. But you need to make that compare for all lines, because you can ship part of total quantity for each line, or completly ship one of the lines and another one you didn’t ship anything.

If you just have access to database you can’t see the NAV flowfields, it was just a NAV field, but does not exist on database table.

FYI if you’re looking thru ODBC when you setup the link in administrators tools in control panel if you have the option to select your Option Field Type, I would suggest Text over Integer.

Else your Option values look like 0,1,2,3,4,5 instead of (Quote,Order,Invoice,Credit Memo,Blanket Order,Return Order)