How to Disable the Project Stage MenuButton .

Hi All,

When the project stage is changed to Finished, only a person with system administrator role can change the status again.For other role users, Project stage Menu button should be disabled.

Please give me your suggestions…

What is your AX version?

You can provide access to an entry point using security. You want permission to be given based on the condition. Means the user cannot change the stage for only finished projects and in other cases they can do it. Right? If so it may not be done with security alone.

Thanks Kranthi.

Version is Ax 2012 R3.Whatever you were telling is correct.tell me some possibilities to do this.

If the project stage is finished, then enable the other stages button only if the user is admin using code.

Use \Classes\Global\isSystemAdministrator (to check if the user is Admin or not)

thank you.

Shall i put the code in Form’s Init method or Datasource’s Active method. otherwise overridded Selection Changed method.

For ProjTable form, try having your code in below method


For list page, try having the code in the related pageInteraction class,


Thank you so much Kranthi.Great Help !!.