How to disable the ctrl+n feature(to create a new record ) in ax 2012 form ?

I want to restrict the Control + N feature in ax 2012 form … can any one please help me on this ?

Would it something related to a form(where you don’t want new records to be created irrespective of users), this case can be handled by modifying the form, set allowCreate property of datasource to No.

(or) something to happen only for particular user/user group/role then it has to handled through the security in AX 2012

HI Kranthi,

Thanks for reply.

Actually form having a button to create a record ( code written in datasource-write method with some default values) , but if i just open the form and control + n it also create the record, this should not happen in my case. so i want to restrict this feature.

got the solution . simple just to disable the property. allow create. :slight_smile: