How to disable item details which is inactive

Hi there,

I have a issue where i need to disable the item details which are inactive due to expired or already long time been used,

So now i need to know the step by step on how to disable item details which are inactive,

So that i differentiation between the item is active or inactive.


Kevin Janahan

If by disable you mean prevent them from being on orders then the ‘stopped’ on the order settings (default or site specific) can be used and set independently on the purchase/sell or inventory module.

If by disable you want them hidden from the form then a code change would be required to filter these values out, a pretty simple modification. For an example of this type of code look at the criteria functionality used, for example on the ‘Arrival overview’ form

Hi gary,

can you guide me…how to make disable it…if can send the screen shot on how to disable it…thanks gary