How to disable/hide the +New button on an item lookup page?

My customer does not want this to show on the lookup page.
Does anyone have any idea how to hide or disable this?

Set the “InsertAllowed” property to FALSE.

Thanks for the prompt response.
I cannot set the InsertAllowed = false for a page extension (of page Item Lookup).
Any other ideas?

You would need to create a custom page and use it in a custom lookup.

Without more specific information about what “this” refers to, it’s difficult to provide a specific answer. However, in general, if your customer wants to hide or disable something on a lookup page, there are several options available.

One option is to modify the form that the lookup page is based on. You can remove the field or control that your customer wants to hide or disable from the form, and then save and publish the changes. This will prevent the field or control from appearing on the lookup page.

Another option is to modify the security roles and permissions associated with the lookup page. You can remove the user or group of users who should not have access to the field or control from the security role, and then save and publish the changes. This will prevent those users from seeing or interacting with the field or control on the lookup page.

Finally, there may be some customization options available depending on the specific platform or software that you’re working with. For example, in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can use form scripts to dynamically hide or disable fields or controls based on specific conditions.

Overall, there are several options available for hiding or disabling fields or controls on a lookup page. By working closely with your customer and understanding their specific needs and requirements, you can identify the best approach for achieving their desired outcome.

As Scarlett Jonathon is proposing, permission might be the way to go. Ensure the user does not have Insert permission on the item table. Otherwise, if the user must have insert permission and you don’t want the New button to show, you will have to create a new custom page and make that page the lookup for in the Item table definition.

Thanks for the detail. The ‘this’ refers to the title - that is, to hide or disable the +New button (allowing the creation of a new item from the Item Lookup page). ‘This’ does not refers to fields on the page.
I think bbrown5962 has already answered the quesion.