How to determine the Material Cost only (exclusive of work) of a manufactured item.

Dear Gurus,

We follow Average Costing Method and Currently using NAV 5.0 India.

In Production environment how we can get the Pure Material Cost of An Item. Is there any Field capturing this details?

Basically we have Unit cost of an Item ; but as per my understanding it consists of Material Cost + Operation Cost on the Item.

We want to know the Pure RM cost of the Assembly. How to get this information from Navision?



Hi Nitins,

I have no experience in manufacturing in Avg cost. But, all the cost components are found in a finished prod. order. But it seems that the finished prod. order is only showing std. cost. You would have to run some tests, and see if teh cost shown in the finshed. prod. order is showing you the correct cost.

Another way, is to perform a NAvigate on a finished item ledger entry. From there, you should see “Capacity Ledger Entry”. The cost in these entries are the labour cost in production. Then you just deduct the cost of the item you see in item ledger entry, with the total cost in Capacity Ledger Entry. The remaining cost, should be the material cost.

Dear Jordi,

Thanks a Lot for Your Guidance.

I Tried to Navigate to the Capacity Ledger Entry.

As in concern with the Average Costs we need to know the Generic cost of the Item i.e. not a Production Order Specific Costs; I mean; we have to have a Product Material cost ( Averaged) to have Product Costing to show explicitly the Cost of Material & Other Add-on Components on the Material at any Point of Time.

Any Ideas?



Hi Nitins,

I am also looking for the same issue you already have.

It is a very old issue for you, i hope u had it as solution.

Can you please give some lights on it to assist me?

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Are you trying to extract the Throughput Cost of the sold item or the material cost only of the produced part?



If you click on the Statistics of a RPO or FPO it will give you the material cost.