How to Deploy Dynamics NAV 2016 in Amazon Web Service(AWS) Environment

Hello Experts,

I want to deploy NAV 2016 On AWS How to do that?

i have searched in google i didnt found step by step process any where.

is there any scripts to run like azure to deploy nav on AWS?

Can any one suggest me who worked on AWS Environment.

Help should be appreciate

Thank You

Mahesh U

Hi Mahesh,

Very interesting question. I’ve never heard of anyone deploying Dynamics NAV on AWS. Would be great if there were more Azure alternatives to easy hosting.

My best suggestion is to ask Amazon directly.

Hi Admin,

Thanks for the suggestion.

For azure there are lot of references in Google but AWS there is no much suggestions in web. but still lot of companies developed Nav on AWS . any how i will try with amazon support.

But still if any one worked on AWS Please guide me the process.

Thank You
Mahesh U

Based on how much “special” Azure support Microsoft have build into NAV, especially NAV 2017, then I’m sure its not going to be easy.

But what is your objective to look into this? What is your business case? Is it for a customer or yourself?

I can 100% sure tell you that it’s not supported by Microsoft. Which is not the same as it would not work, but enough to most customers to stay far away from this.