How to delete unposted invoice in AX 2009 ?

PO Line->Inventory ->Transactions->Update->one voucher showing unposted invoice

Actually at the time of posting invoice current went out,after that this thing happened .

So PO->inquired->invoice->this is not coming as it was not posted.

Can we delete this unposted invoice ?

What would be the cause??

If i go PO->Inquiry->packing slip-line tab->it’s showing some value as unposted invoice.

I checked the code and debugged the PurchFomLetter->createJournal but while debugging when the cursor touches the line it just closed the AX application.

But the tax code is standard code.Even i was not able to see the option called “Compile forward” in PurchFormLetter etc.So i compiled the whole AOT and fixed all compilation errors.

Then according to the following site i deleted invoice records from two tables only(PurchparmTable and PurchParmUpdate) and then invoiced.And it got posted successfully.

You need X++ source code license for it.