How to delete the PO and the intercompany SO ?

The user has been created a Sales Order and the Purchase Order. The vendor for the Purchase Order has been chosen the incorrect vendor (intercompany vendor code). Therefore, the intercompany sales order has been created automatically. If I want to delete the PO and intercompany SO, so what can I do? Both intercompany SO and PO does not have received or shipped anything. The action that I want to delete the intercompany SO and PO. Please advise me the method to delete the PO and intercompany SO, thank you

Hi Satoyuichi,

What’s the message that appears when you try and delete the order from the side it was created from?

If there’s nothing been picked/reserved/delivered etc the order should just delete and pull the intercompany order with it.

Are there any lines on either end of the order? If so, what do the stock transactions say? What’s the line status?

Does your purchase order confirm automatically? If so, or if anything’s been posted, you’ll need to delete it from the PurchTableVersion and also delete the sales order from the Sales Parm table too.

Hope this helps- let me know if this works.