How to delete records from inventbatch table

i am using Ax2012 r2

in batch table we have few records with out batch no, generally it wont allow us to create new record with out batch no.

so in batch table we have few records with no batch no.

so i am trying to delete that records, it is not allowing me to delete because there is validate delete method in invent batch table.



Try by deleting them using a code (in a job).

Yes we can delete from job or we can delete from sql server, but if we delete like that no problem for inventory right.i mean for some other business process.

Any inventBatch record with no Batch Id is not a valid record. I don’t see any need of having them in the table.

What is the item on those records? Do the batch id enabled for those items?

NO there is no batch id enabled for that item.

But we have some open transaction for that item in invent sum table and there is some transactions for that item in invent trans table.

Then there should not be any problem in deleting those invent batch record.