How to delete financial dimension sets & existing rules

Please may I be suggested:

Is there a way within AX 2009 to delete existing dimension sets and rules before creating new dimensions sets and rule.

Basically, department has hierarchy as per legacy system now looking forwarded to totally stop the legacy approach and design a new set of rules and sets.

where, department should be parent to cost centre and cost centre should be the parent to business units.

Hope I have conveyed the issue.



→ you are getting any error while deleting the dimensions sets and rules…?

→ And, why do you want to delete the existing sets and rules?, you can create a new set and define the rules. Attach the newly created dimension set under GL> Parameters.

Sorry for the delayed response.

I am still digging into the exact requirement.

Meanwhile it would be very good of to suggest on creating new rules. Hope this won’t affect any old transactions that has been created as per existing rules!