How to delete a system generated entry from running the adjust Cost Item Entries

Hi Experts,

I have a hard situation here. I recently upgrade NAV from 3.7 to 2009R2. After that, I ran the adjust cost item entries. The allow posting date is set from 01 August 2012 to 31 August 2012 therefore all the adjustments were posted on 01 August 2012. Which is wrong because even the adjustments from year 2005 were posted on 01August 2012. What is the best thing to do? is there away to revert back all the entries posted by the system? I am desperate in need of help ASAP. Thank you.



You can not delete system posted cost entries .This will make your database inconsistent.

I hope you have backup before running the job .Restore the same and start again.

Hi Amol,

Thanks for your reply. understand the consequences. They have a backup but they can’t turn back to that because there’s a lot transaction that transpire before we found out about the wrong posting date. I have checked the entries, it affects two table, one is the GL entry table and the other is the value entry and system had generated a there’s a document no. wherein which i would know that it came from the adjust cost item entries.

I hope i’m not being stubborn, but is it possible if I just delete all the entries from the adjust cost as if nothing happens?



You should never delete posted entries…ever.

Post a revaluation journal to the incorrect date with opposite amounts. This will give a net change of zero and put the values back to what they were originally. Now post the original entries again for the correct date.

Hi Max,

Thank you for your reply. Right now I can’t do a revaluation for all the items,you see, when i ran th ACIE batch job, system created an adjustment even for the old and inactive stocks which has zero quantity. and the item ledger entries are already compressed. (From 3.7 version they did the date compression for item ledgerentries) As a result, we have a huge adjustment on the inventory. And inventory that has a zero quantity now has a cost which makes it improper. My quantity is zeo but still has cost remaining.

Right now, i did some testing which is to do a positive and negative adjustment to the item with zero quantity to zero out the cost amount. I think this is fine for those inactive items. But im not sure if i can do the samefor those active items.because after the Adjust Cost and they have a lot of purchase and sales transaction. so im not sure what will be the impact.

To all,

If anyone of have faced the same situation please share a better solution. Again, my problem is, i Have a huge database.Then we migrated from 3.7 to 2007.Some of our item ledger entries are already ‘compressed’. First issue is, when i ran the ACIE i forgot to take out the allow posting from and to in the General ledger setup. so all the Direct cost adjustment was posted on 01 August 2012. And then for the Inactive item with zero Quantity, system adjust the cost amount(Actual) therefore resulting to zero Quantity with Cost Amount. And GL acount for inventory also had a huge adjustment.