How to delete a Sales Order

We have two sales orders in our system for one sale. A duplicate sales order was created in error. We have one purchase order that both sales orders are associated with. When we try to delete one sales order, an error message pops up that states the sales order is associated with a purchase order and cannot be deleted. I looked at the purchase order header table and the purchase order is not listed. The merchandise has been received from the vendor and the vendor has been paid. How do I delete one of the duplicate sales orders? Thank you.

The connection that is proofed by deleteing a sales order tests the purchase lines not the header.

Okay… How do I delete the duplicate sales order? Thank you.

what version is this? is it 2.60US with AD?

3.60 US (What is AD? I know what ADD is)

With 3.60 you shouldn’t have a problem. There were problems like this in 2.60us Advanced Distribution. You will need your nsc to take a look at the db to resolve this.

I worked on the problem a little more and was able to figure out the steps to get rid of the duplicate sales order.