How to delete a record in CustTransOpen Table

Hi All,

Here is one problem. For one customer, for one particular invoice, the total amount to settle is 1920 and amount has been settled as 1755.02 for first time, then 82.49, 82.49 . Last two transactions are 82.49 and has been settled in same date. Now the problem is, total invoice amount has been settled and balace shows 0 in custtrans table. But it is still showing 82.49 balance in Cust open trans table and so in the form. So i need to remove the data from custopentrans. So how to delete the record from CustTransOpen and whether it will reflect anywhere? Also, all the settled amount was reflecting in ClosedTransactionEditing Form…

Plz help as this issue is very seriously running and dont know how to solve this?

Thanks and Regards,