How to delete a project and its full content

Hi everyone,

I created a project named ‘ProjectA’ in a box named AX_P_Box on the [CUS] layer. Somehow, I want to test the effect on another box, so I exported this project as ‘ProjectA.xpo’ (about 1M in size). Then I copied this ‘ProjectA.xpo’ to another AX box named AX_Q_Box, imported this ‘ProjectA.xpo’ to AX_Q_Box’s AOT in [USR] layer, though there was several errors, the xpo file got imported.

Right now, I want to clean AX_Q_Box, and the full content (including the Forms, EDTs, Jobs, MenuItems) in ‘ProjectA.xpo’ are sort of trash on AX_Q_Box, is there a way to clean the content out? I don’t want to delete the objects one by one, though.

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just select several objects in that project at a time… just like you would select several files at a time in Windows file explorer… Ctrl + A can help you… holding down Shift an selecting a series of objects can help you… Holding down [Ctrl] and clicking on objects one by one will highlight them and then you can delete all of them at once.

I wonder if it took you more time for you to log onto this forum and write this message rather than sacrificing 10 minutes of your time on deleting objects one by one :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply, Janis. Yeah, I just did it one by one. I initially thought there could be some commands or secret UI operations that can be done on the project level so that things can be done once for all…

Anyway, there is a related question about this ‘Delete Sub-elments’ check box on the import form as shown below, do you know what difference it makes when we check/uncheck it?


Any advice would be appreciated…