how to debug the error while publishing catalog in procurement and sourcing

Unable to save data to the file “\layouts\ep\images\image_97_0_5637148336.jpg”

Am getting the above error when I try to publish catalog in procurement and sourcing module…ax 2012

how to solve?

Can you navigate to that path on your EP site?

Systemadmin->EP->publish catalog

can anyone help out ?

Hey Sani,

I just meant have you checked that the appropriate services all have access to that SharePoint site?

no mr jake,can u plz tell me how to do this??

I means the paths and all, what servicess to check, if no access then how to provide acccess to sharepopint??

Shld we open iis to check on share point??

could u plz tell me in more details?

the path should be relative to the root directory for the EP site in the IIS folders on your EP server, I think. it’s been a while for me on EP, but seem likes there’s an issue with access.

can u pls be more clear