How to customize general journal fields that will print

In NAV Classic 6.0, how can I customize the general journal to print so it excludes such default fields as “Applies-to-Doc. Type” and “Applied to Document No.” and replaces them with the ‘Department Code” and ‘Region Code” fields? I know how to Show and Hide columns in the journal entry screen. But I want certain fields to print so they can reviewed for accuracy. Thank you, Mike in Baltimore

You need to modify your report to make those changes. So you would need to learn how to edit reports to do this.

Thank you. I will try to find our NAV manual for editing reports

At least you are using the classic reports, they are much easier to edit than RTC’s RDLC reports.

Replacing two fields is quite easy. You can go into the report layout and find the field. Then click to view it’s properties and change the source where the field name is. I’ve not edited a classic report for years, so I don’t remember if it was possible to use F6.

A bit of small development is needed, a sort of small customisation I will say to fix this. You need a developer license and a developer.