How to customise a dataport

I need to update prices on item cards in NF with data from an old system - third-party accounting software (small, Czech, not important). So I exported a “report” from that old software (CSV, item ID and unit price on each line) and now I want to import this into NF. The problem (or, challenge) is that I need to update only existing cards (most of table27-itemcard columns were already populated from elsewhere before). I do not want to create new records (although there are some in that report from old system). To achieve this goal, I exported a list of item cards from NF, compared it with the mentioned report from that third-party accounting software and generated a new CSV containing only lines representing existing item cards. This modified CSV I dataported into NF. The question is, whether it is not possible to achieve this in some neater way, for example skip import of lines pointing to “non-existing cards” by writing something (?) into some dataport trigger etc. I use NF 2.60d. Thank you in advance for your great ideas. karel2

Hi Karel! I assume your Dataport imports the CSV directly to Table27. At first, you could set the DataItem Property “AutoSave” to “No”, so no new records will be inserted. That should do it! If not, you can skip the not-to-import-lines, e.g. OnAfterImportRecord() IF NOT Item2.GET(“No.”) THEN CurrDataport.SKIP; Regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP