How to create Web Service in AX ?


I want to how to create webservice in AX for customized tables ? Can we use AIF document service wizard for the same or not ?


Yes, you can use the document service wizard, if you want to create a document service. Please follow the documentation: Creating New Document Services [AX 2012].


Thanks for the reply.

Currently we are looking to integrate .net application with AX using web service. I have worked on creation of Document Service. I just want to know how i can create web service ? Whether i can use the similar way i.e. use AIF document service wizard and expose/deploy the service as webservice ?


AIF document service wizard creates document service classes, not web service endpoints.

Before going to details, please tell me your version of AX. (You’ll get faster and preciser answers if you always attach a tag with your version of AX.)


We are using AX 2012 R2 CU7 version and we need to integrate Floor System (.net) with Production Module of AX 2012. Need to know how to create a webservice ?


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It is very easy to create webservices in Ax2012 R2.

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Varun, we’ve discussed it many times here, I’m sure that you’ll find it by the Search function. Also look at AX 2012 Documentation Resources for AIF and Services.