How to create the Table Object Dynamicaly ??

Hello to all ,

I am selecting the table dyanamicaly .So In the bellow code in need to create the Table object dynamicaly to catch the queryrun data.

Query q;

QueryRun qr;

QueryBuildDataSource qbd;

QueryBuildRange qbr;

CustTable Cust, cust1;

vendtable vend ;

DictTable dt;

str tabName ;


q = new Query();

qbd = q.addDataSource(ChkNumberSeq.convTableId); // here m using the table ID which is dynamic .

qr = new QueryRun(q);



while (




cust = qr.get(ChkNumberSeq.convTableId); // i am using CustTable object to catch the data .i need to create table object dynamicaly to catch the data or else can i get the data from querrun itself.

info(strfmt(“custable.accNum: %1”, cust.AccountNum ));




Please help .

Thanks in adavnce.


Ganesh Sahane

Hi Ganesh,

Is this NAVISION? It doesn’t look so, but you posted in the Dynamics NAV / Navision Technical Forum.