how to create Status (permission) for each user ?

how to create Status (permission) for each user ?

for example I create new menu from navigation pane designer , let’s say “Menu A” and “Menu B”
“Menu A” for User “A”
“Menu B” for User “B”
if A login, and then only “Menu A” appear
so does for user “B”, he only could see “Menu B” only

OPen up Navigation Pan Designer.

Keep Cursor on the main menu options.

Right Click on your cursor.

Selection option ‘assign user’.

Only the assigned users will be able to access the menu option.

But you will need to create as many main menus as per requriement.



ok thanx… my menu have already set
but… once again… do know how to create permission for ‘Approve’ Sales Order that create by staff
because while i want to approve sales order, there’s an error message " You can’t approve it because this order is belonged to ****"

isn’t it some customisation that has been done on ur version?

nope… i’ve already the solution
it just go to the Administration - Application Setup - Users - User setup
then I gave check mark to user who will give the approval

Stan what version of Navision is this? I mean country and version number? This is not a standard Navision feature, so its either customization or localization.

I use Navision 4.0 SP 1
"I mean country and version number? " → where i can find it?
i don’t know what version number i use …

Help → About Microsoft Business Solutions Navision.

AP 4.0 SP 1(4.0 SP1)

Sorry for my ignorance, but which country is AP?

My guess is that you have something localized for that country. I think the INdian version has somethign similar to what you are describing, but it definitely is not in W1.

AP? hmmmm sori, i don’t know what it stands for…
but I’m From Indonesia anyway :slight_smile:
David,Here in Indonesia is very rare for navision community

Perhaps Asia Pacific?