How to Create Report for Each SaleOrder with lines and header separately

I want to generate a report for each sale order with lines and header separetely in ax 2009.


Name … Date WareHouse etc…


Name … Date WareHouse etc…


Name … Date WareHouse etc…


Name … Date WareHouse etc…

Use Sales table and join sales line (inner join) in the query. Try creating a generate design.
Here is a documentation on basic reporting in AX 2009 -…/cc967382(v=ax.50).aspx
look at the standard reports in AR. AR → Reports → Transactions → sales order → Order lines

Yes Thank u.
But iam using Single Temporary can i go with TempTable

Why do you need a temporary table? It is a MorphX report right?

Thats the Task which we had.its normal report only

You don’t need temporary table for doing this report, you can directly use the sales table and line as the data sources.
Temp tables in AX 2009 are in memory, you it should be using them with care.…/bb314749(v=ax.50).aspx