How to create project with elements which are belongs to specified model and modified in specified Layer?


I need to create a project with all the objects belongs to specified model and those which are modified in specified layer.

Example, I have installed model_1 having 10 AOT elments and 2 of the elements belongs to this model modified in VAR,

now i want to create project with these 2 elements.

Can any one please guide me, how to proceed.

Thanks in advance.

Use project filters.

Already explained in thread In AX2012, is there any table holding object names which are modified in each layer.

Thanks martin for your reply

I have tried. But it is not working…

Project created with two object, when i create project from model.

I have opened the project and modified one of the object in User layer.

Select the project and Click on advance/sort button. Select the options as append and selected the criteria, Model as my Model and layer as User layer.

I got a message like objects added to the project, but nothing added to the project…

Please guide me… if i done wrong in the procedure…

It seems that you’re right - I assume that it first filter the layer and then it looks for the model in the same layer. Because your model is in another layer, it won’t return anything.

Do you really need to filter by model? Can’t you simply compare layers?

Martin, When apply filter on project only with Layer, Lot of other objects are appending to the project.

Actually, after installing the hot fixes, if we change any modifications in higher layer, hot fix code is hiding. To lift those hot fix code in to higher layer, we are looking for the modified objects list belongs to our layer and model…

I am trying to get relation between data in SysModelElementData and SysModelElement tables…

For each change in AOT object, one record is creating in these tables but not able to find the relation between records belongs to different changes related to our model and Layer…

Any help please…

Don’t bother implementing conflict detection by yourself; AX already comes with tools for that.

Which release of AX 2012 do you use?

yah, Axapta 2012 R2.

YouTube: How to merge code automatically after applying an update in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.