How to create Progress bar

Hi, I am trying to create progress bar in my application. But when I try to initialize SysOperationProgress class, it gives me error ‘Variable SysOperationProgress has not been declared.’ What I am missing? Thanks.

Hi Nikhil, There is a very good tutorial under classes node called Tutorial_Progress. Compare your code with the code in this class. Hope this helps . If that doesn’t help then we will have to look at your code.

Here is a sample code. The counter i am using is to count total companies and do something in each company with operation showing progress. Key is to have a total and individual counter that steps through progress. static void companyProgress(Args _args) { DataArea dataArea; DataArea dataAreaCount; SysOperationProgress simpleProgress; int totalCompanies; #AviFiles select count(recId) from dataAreaCount where dataAreaCount.isVirtual == NoYes::No; totalCompanies = dataAreaCount.recId; simpleProgress = SysOperationProgress::newGeneral(#aviUpdate, ‘going through companies’, totalCompanies); // go through all companies and update temporary table while select dataArea where dataArea.isVirtual == NoYes::No { simpleProgress.incCount(); simpleprogress.setText(strfmt(“company ID:”, dataArea.Id)); simpleprogress.update(true); changeCompany( { //do company code here } } }

Welcome to the Forum! Consider reading this article too. It might help you, because right now it’s hard to understand, what your problem is. Maybe you can provide your code - that would help