How to create noned index in navision?

Hi Expert. Recently AZURE-SQL gave me an performance tips: it advanse me create some non-clustered index.

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [nci$Warehouse Entry_19D68DA4C579E44979AD9DB1B6BBE9D8] ON [dbo].[JZJJ$Warehouse Entry] ([Item No_], [Location Code], [Variant Code], [Bin Code], [Unit of Measure Code]) INCLUDE ([Bin Type Code], [Cubage], [Dedicated], [Description], [Entry Type], [Expiration Date], [Journal Batch Name], [Journal Template Name], [Line No_], [Lot No_], [No_ Series], [Phys Invt Counting Period Code], [Phys Invt Counting Period Type], [Qty_ (Base)], [Qty_ per Unit of Measure], [Quantity], [Reason Code], [Reference Document], [Reference No_], [Registering Date], [Serial No_], [Source Code], [Source Document], [Source Line No_], [Source No_], [Source Subline No_], [Source Subtype], [Source Type], [timestamp], [User ID], [Warranty Date], [Weight], [Whse_ Document Line No_], [Whse_ Document No_], [Whse_ Document Type], [Work Order Line No_], [Work Order No_], [Zone Code]) WITH (ONLINE = ON)

what I known is add keys on table, but it should be clustered index, how to add non-clustered index?

My version is NAVISION2016

any suggestion will be warmly appreciated

Hi Gary,
If this is an optimization that you’re supposed to do directly on the SQL database, then forget it!
Almost anything you do directly (without C/SIDE), will be overwritten next time you update the table from NAV.

There are many ways to optimize you performance, but this is not one of them. [:)]

Thanks Erik for your reply, But If I need create so many fields on the keys of (table) in navision? I mean “Table-designer”->view->keys ?

Yes, you should only use the table designer, if you need new keys in your tables.

But if you are not a SQL shark, then be careful. It’s very easy to damage the performance if you don’t. One of the best sources of NAV/SQL performance is [mention:e0730ca59f9d4cf7993a3a4833ac5c8e:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]'s blog

Hi Erik, I see. thank you very much.