How to create New Invent Report with Opening balance and closing balance for particular Item

I have one requirement in the 2009 Morphx report

we need to create the Inventory report which will have Opening Balance, Purchases(received), Sales (Issue) and Closing Balance. Report will be on Item Basis

there will be filtration criteria for the report on Physical Date basis where they will give from and to date.

As for example if From date is 1st December then for opening balance we will have the net(purchase minus sale) of all transactions which had happened prior to 1 stDecember i.e. till 30th November

The purchase and sale column will cover the transactions which had happened in that particular date range period.
For Closing Balance column it will be a calculation which will be like “Opening Balance + Purchases – Sales”.

can any one tell me which tables i need to take for this report … and which logic i need to add for the report and where ?

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Hi Mr Krishna ,

Still i am not get any solution for this … with out solution How can ?

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