How to create help files?

Our company have added a lot of functions to Navision. I desire to enhance the help function so the users can get help when they forget how to do their jobs. I notice that there is a download ‘Help on making your own help’ provided by John Tegelaar available. However, the download file is missing. Is anyone has a copy or knows how to do it? Thanks.

There are Online Help Tools in the Navision Tools CD. Maybe they can help you. Ask your NSC for help.

You better use C/Help. It’s a tool developed by MBS Netherlands and is much more convenient than the tools on the product CD. We did our add-on help (4000 topics) with this tool. Your MBS country office might be able to help you.

Why not use the company notes feature in Navision?

Thanks guys. I have been very busy for two weeks. Will try it soon. April