How to create Header Line form.


I am new to Axapta and working on AX2009.
How can we create Header/Line form as like Purchase order by selecting header record, respective line records has to disply in below grip.

I design this form and given required table relations as well, but Line form is not showing appropriate records of selected header record.

Can you please help me.


Have you joined them by using the joinsource

Also check the dataSource propoerty of the grids…

Hi Kranthi, thnak u for your replay. Yes, i joined child data source with parent and Linked Type as Delayed(as like Sales/purch order). 1. I have create Dept Table and Emp table. In both tables Dept No is the commin filed with DeptNo EDT. 2. In Emp Table, table relation to select Dept Table of employee record creation. 3. I put Dept table as Header and EmpTable as Line form. Intension is: By placing the cursor in any DeptTable record, emp records belongs to that dept has to display in Line form. Any code have to write in form methods to get update line form with resp records. Plz help me. /Satish

Hi Sathish, As per my understanding from your points, 1. Dept Table is header, Empl Table is lines. 2. Relation is provided in empl table. 3. Join source property is provided in form datasource. 4. Proper datasource is attached in design grid property. Let me know that you are gonna create new employees or wanna show existing employees for each dept. Regards, Kuppusamy S