How to create deleted Item Ledger Entries

Hi, My client is using Navision 3.10. By mistake they have deleted some of the Item Ledger entries. Now they are facing problem in reconcilation the inventory value with G/L. Due to this they are having wrong Average cost on the Item Card too. What is best way to correct the cost in this case. will it sensible to create the missing Item ledger entry and the Value entries manually. Any help?? There is no backup for the deleted entries. Thanks

…never give away your solution developer’s license… :frowning: normally customers are never ever allowed to delete ledger entries.

Only recreation helps - they surely must have original documents - so now the must spend a day with this developers licence creating entries in all the tables attached ie “G/L”, “item ledger” “value entry” “item application entry” “Dimension values” etc. and keep in mind that GL number must match the previously deleted no. and of course:


…never give away your solution developer’s license… :frowning:


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There is no backup for the deleted entries.

Tell them to make daily backups and keep those backups archived for at least a year (we have daily backups back to day 1 of our Navision installation!). Even if you will never do a full restore of a 6 months old backup, it is of invaluable help in cases like the one you mentioned. You could simply restore to a local database and copy the missing entries…