How to create Cross tab / matrix report in D365 fno for Product Type, Vendors , and few dimensions

I have a requirement to develop a cross tab or matrix report in D365 in traditional way. I have to design a report that gives the summary of Qty, Price per unit, and Amount for product type based on the Vendors. Presuming the best design to be a cross tab report with columns displaying Product type and dimension and rows representing each vendor. Showed a small piece of example.

                         Column1                        Column2
                     Product Type 1                Product Type 2
                Qty | price per unit | Amount    Qty | price per unit | Amount 
 Row1  Vendor1
 Row2  Vendor2            

Could any of you guide me on how to start to get the Cross tab report as above in D365 report. I am unaware on how to proceed to develop this report. Any help provided will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Both SSRS and Power BI offers Matrix visuals. You’ll have to decide which approach you want to use. A big advantage of Power BI is that you can make it interactive, if it’s relevant for your business scenario.

If your customer has power BI license and there need is to see reports in Mobile phone or something like that more effectively then go For Power BI.

If it is just for End users who will be seating on their desk for report then go for SSRS.