How to create comment button?

At Sales Order form, there is a button nearby the Order No., which is I want. I create a button, but there is not pencil picture shown on the button. It is blank. I cannot find any property related to that pencil picture. In help file, it says “The field is a button”. I cannot understand the words.

The SourceExpr of that pencil picture is Comment, a boolean flowfield that is true if any comments exists for that record. Since this is a FAQ, search the forum for more information!

Underneath the button there is a picturebox, one of the properties of the picture box is BitmapList, this is usually set to 7,6 which are the two different bitmaps representing the pencil or pencil/paper I hope this helps

I forgot to mention On the CommandButton youwill need to set the Property BackTransparent to YES

And picture send to back

thanks all! i solved this problem. and “send to back” is important.

The funnest thing is that of course there is no propery for Send To Back, so when you export to text, there is no indication of what is going on. It is stored by the lower control ID being in the back ground, so be carefull when creating text objects.