How to create COM wrapper for CFront

We want to call CFRONT.DLL (or CFRONT.OCX) from a web page using ASP or VB. Does anyone have any sample code on how to do this? Or for that matter is it possible to call an OCX from a web page?

Hi, using the C/Front ocx in ASP pages is very simple. In your IDE you will just have the normal reference to the C/Front, create your own public functions if needed. Wrap it up in a OCX. In Visual Basic the steps are: 1. Select New ActiveX DLL 2. Create your functions (public if needed in the asp code) eg. // Public Function Hello() Hello = "Hello Navision - the time is " & Now End Function // 3. Set the project name in project properties (eg. ASPLib) 4. Make the .DLL file 5. Register the DLL file 6. Use it in your asp code eg. // ’ create instanse of object set asplib = server.createobject(“asplib.class”) ’ call the public function response.write asplib.hello() // Easy and simple, S

Thanks, this works very well.