How to create a production order to WIP location using sales order

Hi all,

Read the following scenario & comment your suggestions,

Version= 2009R2/2013R2

Scenario:= Create a production order (FPO) using sales order for item A (MTO)

Locations: FG-Store| WIP Store

SKU Cards: FG-Store–> Transfer WIP-Store–> Production

Marketing department enter SO for 10 units of Item A. Location code of SO is FG-Store. Then go to Order → Planning–> Create production order. System create FPO for 10 units of Item A. But the production location is FG-Store even SKU is there. Can we automate WIP-Store to location card instead of FG-Store. Because production on going in WIP-Store.

Even i change location code manually & re-plan , it wont change & production journal.

My requirement is once create FPO using SO it should create it to WIP-Store.

Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Hi Found it.

Change the location code at SKU card.

Component at location= WIP-Store