How to create a page without a ribbon in NAV 2013

I need to create a new page, but it has to be without a ribbon.

How do I do this?

Does nobody know how to remove the ribbon, so that I’m getting a “clean” page, without it on? Even if I remove all the actions, then it stills show up.

May I know why do you need this?

What is the exact requirement?

Sure :slight_smile:

I need a “clean” page without the ribbon for a special lookup page. I will have a factbox, but it should not be possible to go from here to anywhere else. Just for the user to select a value and hit enter. The ribbon in this situation is just “noise” that we don’t need.

So you mean something like the “Select Company” page in the User Personalization page?

Yes, exactly! In fact that’s the page which told me that it would be possible. I just cannot find this page in the page designer!

Ok! [:)]

And you’re correct this page is not to be found in the normal objects. It’s a system page which by default is available but it will not allow you to customize it.

I am douting whether we can creata a Page without Ribbon.

You can remove Ribbon by pressing Ctrl+F1 which will remove your Ribbon Part.

If you press Ctrl+F1 again, it will show ribbon.

Hi Johnny,

I have tried several ways to hide the ribbon, and I have actually found that there is a way to do this.

If you change your page to a ListPart instead of List, then it will not not display the ribbon.

The only problem in regards to your request is that it’s not allowed to have a FactBox on a ListPart page. But if you can live with that, then you can get your page without a Ribbon.

Hey Erik,

I was really looking for a way to create this type of page, with a FactBox. But I guess that this will have to do, if it is not possible in a different way.

Thank you.