How to create a fresh database with a company that should contain all default tables and other objects

Hi Everyone,

I’m using NAV 2013 R2 w1 version. I have to create a fresh database with a company. I tried to create it using RapidStart Services. I’m not understanding, how can I import all master tables along with other related tables into new database. Not getting any proper document to proceed further as well. Please help me out.

I have also a few questions in mind,

  1. we create company in RTC and database in Development Environment. How do they link actually?Till Nav 2013, we used to create both database and company in Development Environment. How do they interconnect in NAV 2013 R2?

  2. What is the use of configuration packages and worksheet? Is it required only when we have to import the data given by client? Or do we have to use it when we create a new database without any data.

Please clear my doubts.

Thanks in advance.

Clean slate company no data!

Restore NAV 2013 R2 demo database from the SQL bak file. From the MS Dynamics developer environment select and export all objects.

The go ahead and create a new database with the MS Dynamics developer environment. Import all the objects that were exported from the demo DB.

Now proceed to add a new company using powershell.