How to create a CSV file without quotes surrounding fields

I am using the CommaTextIO class to create csv files from a container which works great. However, there are certain times I need to create csv files without the fields enclosed in quotes but still have each field separated by a comma.

Example: CommaIO creates a record like:


Would like to create the record as:

Apple, Banana, Cherry

Thought about using ASCIIO class to build the file and then rename it when done but thought there might be a more elegant way to do this. If anyone could give some guidance on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Quotes on the CSV are usually considered good practise as they stop confusion if a comma occurs in one of the stored values. What’s your need for the created CSV file. Could that be adapated to handle the quotes?

No you can’t with the CommaTextIo/CommaIo class. shows the methods you can override. I’d just manually create it if you want quotes stripped out.

Have you tried using TextIO class? It writes values without quotes.

Hi… I want to create create CSV file without quutes surrounding fields. Pls help me out. I know i cant do with CommaIo or CommaTextIo.Plesae help me out

did you get any idea how to write values without quotes?