How to create a component item?

Dear Experts, I’ve to create an item say 100, which has 10 components attached to it. Let me explain it in detail… item 100 is a KIT item i.e, it is a huge item and cannot be shipped as such therefore is shipped in a package (considerably smaller) with it’s components (10 nos) dismantled. Once it reaches the customer the service engineer would re mantle it. These 10 components (which forms a single item100) are subject to service separately and is for warranty contracts. I don’t think it’s a BOM item……if yes pls tell me how it is a BOM item…. And if not how do I create this item and how do I relate it with the Serial Nos for Service tracking??? Shilpa

I would say it definitely needs be a BOM, but if this should be a simple BOM or a production BOM where you consider your customer being a vendor as well for the assembly, production specialists need to answer this. At least you have the option to “expand” a normal BOM in your sales order and then assign serial numbers to each item line. In this case the price management might be a little bit tricky as you sell the item 100 for a different price than the total price of all components I guess ?

Mr.Thomas The client is a Trading company… He buys these goods from a Vendor Overseas and stores it in a warehouse and sells it to the customer… These small components are subject to Service for sure… Shilpa

I would follow thomas’s guidance on using assembly boms. Create the BOM, and then on the sales order use “Explode BOM” to create the sales lines.