How to count no. of records shown on page

Hi All,

I want to count no. of rows showing on list page according to the filters set by user

For example: By applying these filters I am getting 10 rows only however there are 180 rows without filters, so I want to return 10 only

Hi Aditya_raut,

I am doing this simply by adding the following code in Page Action/Button.

trigger OnAction()
num: Integer;
Customer: Record Customer;
if Rec.FindSet() then begin
Rec.Sync := true;
until Rec.Next() = 0;
num := Rec.Count();
Message('Selected Records: ’ + Format(num));
DisableSelect := false;
DisableunSelect := true;

Might this helps you.

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Thanks this is working but I need to reduce manual work, actually I want it in factbox