How to Correct the Wrong Vulation....huhuhu...


Is there a way to Correct the begining Inventory Valuation.

The Scenario is:

  1. When we post the Begining Inventory some Item is wrong Unit price base on our reference from customer.So when we run the Valuation it not tally to the customer valuation. and there already transction made to the item.

Is the a way to correct that…I need help…Please ]( for your reply.


There may be lot of chances to get wrong inventory valuation.

First u should know the quantities are same in navision and according to customer.

If not do the adjustments like Negative or postitive here use item Journal.

If quantities are same then cost has to change here u should use the Revaluation Journal to increase the cost or decrease the cost.

if the QTY is wrong and Also the Cost? I will use Item journal or revaluation? hoping for you reply…Thanks

If the qty is wrong then Use Item Journal.

After adjust the Inventory qty , then use Revluation Journal to correct the Inventory Value .

It is not possible to to do the both things by using one form .