how to copy values from one grid into another gird in another form

hi friends,

I want to get data of one grid whose records i have marked or selected through checkbox into another form in another grid. How can i do that ? If i can get ItemID of one form and pass the values into another form then i can may b fetch the values of selected itemID into another form grid.


use Insert_RecordSet to insert value from one table to another table



I tried using insert_record but its not working. then i applied a logic where i will get number of records marks from 1 grid and based on that i will get the RECID… and i have stored it into a string after doing proper conversion.

How can i fetch the Record using another datasouce with same table using recid and display in grid. Pls can you give me the code

thanks 4 the help.


Copy line functionality is there in Sales order lines level.

Check this > Accounts Receivable > Sales Order Details > Line(grid) > select line > function button > copy from lines


i am new pls tell me where i am going wrong. I have created a project where i drag and drop TempCustList table into the project from ATO. Then i created a form with name CustomerFormList and i am again doing drag and drop my table into forms DataSource(usr). i did two times so now i have two datasource name as TempCustListtable and TempCustListtable1.

I have two grid , two textbox and one button in the form. On click of button i am able to insert the recod into database table TempCustListtable. code is as follow

TempCustListtable CustList1;

code to input values using input() funcion




I want to add TempCustListtable1 List1; on the same click button but its not working…its showing syntax error…how can i solve it. basically i want to select rows from 1 grid and then get the RECID on selected row from grid and display those records in to 2nd grid .

how can i do this. Thanks in advance for your help

Hi Himanshu,

Did you solved it?
I am also trying to do the same to send data from one grid to another of same temporary table which user has marked in one grid.
how can i do this?

I am not sure if you are going to get answer from the user, as it is 5 year old thread.
Feel free to create new thread with enough information. (information like AX version, type of the table etc…)