how to convert real numbers to text in ssrs report

hii all,

i use NumeralsToText() method in code, but can’t retrive value from the display method, how can i do it,


can i take value from textbox .

You can write the code in AX classes only and you can take the string field in SSRS report.

use num2str() and it takes 4 arguments.

Lalit can i use textbox value in NumeralsToText method

Can you precisely tell me what is your actual requirement ?

MY requirement is m having total amount field for e.g 1234 i want that total in word format in ssrs report

i.e "one thousand two hundred and thirty four " how this can b achieved in ssrs report only .


You search in google, you will find several code examples to convert numeric values into words in SSRS, form exam

But I would but that logic in AOT and not in SSRS, since those functions are a core functionality and broadly tested.

Use Global class method to convert data from real to text

e.g: Global::numeralsToTxt(1234);