How to convert Number into Word in Native Reporting of Ax r3 2012

I have requirement of converting the Check Voucher “Total amount” into words.

i.e.“ (559147.00) five hundred fifty nine thousand one hundred forty-seven”

I have created this method in (Native Reporting) * Reports > *Methods > *processData to convert into words , but while returning the amount output is still a number . Any other method for conversion to word can u please help me.

Please use that function


I try it still not working

" tgpCheckVoucherTmp.Numerals2Letter =strFmt("%1",Global::numeralsToTxt_IN(TgpcheckVoucherTmp.AmountCur)); "

is there any other way?

please i need your help.

Dear Lang,

please use the below code:

Currency::find( _currencyCodeId).Txt + " " + numeralsToTxt(_amount) + " Only.";

if the Amount is 100 USD then the result will be:

US Dollar *** One Hundred and 00/100 Only.


Ahmad Al-Saify

hi! Ahmad Al-Saify

i used your codes but still not working.

i’m out of idea anymore is there any other way?

best regards,