How to convert number in Words in AX 2009

How to Convert Number i.e. 1000 in words means “One Thousand”


you can use num2text(XXX)


In ax there is function called NumeralsToStr()

This function is in Global Class in AOT.


Janak Talekar

Look for following methods under Global class -

  1. numeralsToTxt
  2. numeralsToTxt_EN
  3. numeralsToTxt_ES
  4. numeralsToTxt_FR
  5. numeralsToTxt_NL

You can use method that suits your requirement.


I know this methods. But How to use this method

what do you mean by how to use ???

these are the static methods

directly you can call these methods…


Just tried to show you a sample…

static void numtotxt(Args _args)
real i;

i= 459;

print numeralsToTxt(i);

you try this in jobs and see. You might get some idea.

Below job will remove asterisks that gets prefixed -

static void TestNumeralsToTxt(Args _args)
AmountCur AmountCur;
str val;


AmountCur = 715.99;
val = numeralsToTxt_EN(AmountCur);
val = substr(val,5, strlen(val)-4);
print val;



I have requirement of converting the invoice amount into words.

i have created this method in global class to convert to words ,but while returning the amount its returning amount in wrong manner . words are jumbling like first word coming second postion and first word coming in second postion.

Like:- (559147.00) five hundred fifty nine thousand one hundred fourty seven

Any other method for conversion to word can u please tell me.



hi piyush,

did u tried the way what kranti is should work.

if not, can you post your code then you can get better solution.

hi Ven,

thanks dear, I have done it.

Thanks & Regards