how to convert navision sp1 enu(english ) to fra(french)

hi ,

i want to convert my all database to fra (french ) . basically my database is in enu (english) .

now i want to convert english(enu) to fra(french). please suggest me


j.srinivas banny

You have to download language module from partnersource from here

[ modules for Microsoft dynamics nav]( modules for Microsoft dynamics nav)

Import this module in to navision

You however have to realize that depending on the local version you are using not all strings in that wversion will have French translation for it. As you are in Hyderaba I am assuming you are working om an Indian database, which has (local) functionality that does not exist in France (or any other local version that has French translation like the Swiss or Canadian version). So typically all strings that exist in the Indian specific part of your database will not get a French translation. To get that you have to arrange a separate translation for that (as it will not be in the language module).

thanks for your suggestion lucvan but how to download fra(french) files for my db .

in my pc C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Classic

path there is no fra (files) . for my partner i want to translate that database please suggest me

Which localization database you are using?


I mean which Country database…


indian country

Then we can translate only W1 functionality and fields to French…

We cannot translate Indian Localization functionality to french…

True, Mohana, for what we have suggested above. But you can translate the local (or home brew) functionality by an additional (and real) translation effort. I have some posts on blog on this:

  • Tools to Translate UI - a Quest
  • How-to: Efficiently Translate UI

Note that these are not explaining the full process, but give some hints.

Thanks Luc…