How to convert into other language

Dear Experts

I want to convert description (english) to Discription 2 (Hindi) please help


Vikas Kumar

Exactly what do you mean?

Do you want to change the Caption or the content of the field?

Thanks Erik Sir

I want to convert contant of discription same as in discription 2 but in Hindi

And then I guess that you want to have Navision to do this for you? (It would just have been great if the people asking the questions would add all the information from the beginning!)

I have never heard about that before, but if you take a look at then there are some tools that you can use for this from Microsoft. There are also an API, so it should be possible to do. And I didn’t say that it would either be easy nor very good, programmatic translations are still not very good.

i dont understand what you want to say sir. Is it a wrong question to post here ? or we dare not think to raise such question.?

Erik simply tried to tell you, that you are not giving ENOUGH DETAILS in your question for somebody to be able to give you answer.

Read his answers once more - he asks you to be more specific and tries to understand what EXACTLY you want, as from the initial question nobody can understand, what you are asking for, for example:

  • captions on forms OR field contents?
  • do you speak about automatic (computer) translation OR how to enter translated captions/data? If the latter, how the data are prepared - in some files, or manual entry?

and so on I may continue… Remember, nobody can guess what you have on your mind, be more specific!

I think that Modris writes pretty much what I would say, and of course you can ask your questions, but when you became a member you also got a link to our page “How to ask your question?” (if you haven’t read this page, then please do) with a pretty clear explanation on how to ask questions. And one thing which is important to make sure that you get quick and usable answers is that you write all the details needed in your question.

It’s allowed to write longer question, as you are not getting invoiced per character used in your question! [;)]

Thank Erik & Modris

well my question is I want to convert Item Description in other than English Language (Hindi) in a different field i.e

item Code 1000

Description 1 Bicycle

Description2 ( ) converted name

Can it come through automation or manully


Vikas Kumar

Thanks Experts

Now Problem is resolved, i simply change the font Code and it works , but now the situation is we type in discription 2 not done through automation


I guess that you are not aware of the fact that NAV actually have build in tables for supporting multiple languages in item descriptions?

In the Item Card → Items → Translations.

But yes, this is not automatic either. For automatic translation, then you need to code something against either Microsoft or a 3rd party’s translation API.

Thanks Sir

Actully you are right , i did the same ,as you told i download third party App.although I do it but i am not satisfy , dats y i put it here in DUG.

please guide me