How to convert amount into text in navision 4.0 SP3

Hi All,

I am developing a report that contain total variable of decimal type now i want to convert it into text like 1120.20 into one thousand one hundred twenty and twenty paise.

I also hired about format() but i don’t know how to use it in my report.

Please help me and give me some suggestion / example. i will very thankfull to you…


Review the check report to see how it converts numbers into text

I am using following code :-
RoundLoop, Footer (8) - OnPreSection()
CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(VATAmount = 0);


tot :- decimal type variable.

NumberText2:- text type variable.

It is showing message " The array dimensions must be identical " at the time of report compilation.

Set Dimensions to 2 for NumberText2 variable

Dear Mohana,

Thanx for your reply but i am converting numbers to text first time so please tell me how i can set dimensions for variable.


Select the variable and click View–>Properties

set 2 in Dimensions

I write in SourceExpr “NumberText2[2]” and there is no “Dimensions” Properties in the properties of this variable.

But problem not solved.

I am talking about the variable under global variables not in sections…

are you a technical consultant?

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